JF Rumic has a proud heritage that dates back over three decades. Find out how we have grown with the offshore sector to become a specialist recruitment and engineering solutions provider.

Our early years

JF Rumic has over 30 years’ experience in servicing the offshore and subsea industries, with a strong record for supporting our client operations worldwide. We specialise in sourcing experienced personnel and providing engineering solutions across all types of marine infrastructure projects.

Founded in 1984 by Roger Chapman, Rumic was launched to provide underwater inspection services for the offshore and defence sectors. As the offshore industries developed, so did the company and Rumic quickly became a leading provider of personnel to the telecoms and oil and gas sectors, at the same time as forging an enviable reputation in the provision of submarine rescue services to the Royal Navy.

Becoming a part of James Fisher and Sons

In 2002, Rumic became part of the James Fisher group and was renamed James Fisher Rumic (JF Rumic). While the name changed, the company continued to operate as an offshore recruitment and defence submarine specialist.

In 2006, the defence capability of JF Rumic separated from the recruitment arm of the business to become JFD, an organisation that has since grown into a world class provider of submarine rescue services for the navies of countries including Australia, India, Singapore and South Korea.

In 2008, JF Rumic became part of James Fisher Marine Services (JFMS). This move brought the company closer to the other marine, subsea and offshore specialists within the group and allowed JF Rumic to offer truly integrated solutions for offshore operators in addition to our recruitment services.

Notable operations

In August 2005 the Russian AS28 Priz Submersible became entangled in fishing nets and unable to surface.  JFD’s Scorpio 45 ROV and her support equipment were mobilised to Kamchatka. The Scorpio ROV successfully cut free the nets allowing the sub to surface and all seven crew escaped. The Rumic team were awarded medals by Tony Blair and Vladimir Putin at Downing Street.

Looking to the future

As JF Rumic approaches its 35th year in operation, the company maintains a strong record for supporting global offshore projects for a range of applications. We continue to source and supply experienced personnel, but can now also offer turnkey solutions for the oil and gas, telecoms and renewables sectors. As part of the James Fisher group, we have access to a significant talent pool of marine experts who can be called upon to develop bespoke solutions for the most challenging of offshore operations anywhere in the world.