Quality, health, safety and environment

JF Rumic operates to the highest of standards in all its operations. 

We work to all international and local guidelines and adhere to the latest best practice to ensure that we complete all our work in a safe environment, with the minimum impact on the environment. In over 30 years of operation, JF Rumic has maintained a completely incident free record - a testament to the standard of our operations. 

Date Policy Document number Revision Download
January 2018 Rumic Health and Safety policy JFDG-HSEQ-POL-01 04 PDF (1).png(767KB)
January 2018 Rumic Health and Safety and Environmental Arrangements JFDG-HSEQ-POL-02 04 PDF (1).png(883KB)
January 2018 Rumic Complaints Procedure JFDG-HSEQ-POL-03 04 PDF (1).png(309KB)


Health and safety is an important factor in all activities we undertake. We carry out all of our work in a manner that shows consideration for our own employees, our clients, contractors and other parties. Our goal for health and safety is for no accidents, incidents or harm to come to people.The management and control of risk, prevention of harm and compliance with legal and governmental requirements are essential to the success of our business. Our health and safety system complies with the requirements of OHSAS 18001.

We strive to minimise any impact we may have on the environment. We have an environmental policy in place to help reduce and eliminate potential harm to the environment from our work or employees. Our environmental management system complies with the requirements of ISO 14001.

Through continual innovation, we are fully committed to optimising the quality and safety of our products - and indeed the safety of our employees and clients. A HSEQ (Health, Safety, Environment and Quality) management system operates throughout our business - and this has benefitted the safety and efficiency of all who dedicate their lives to the underwater world. Our investment in an extensive test and development programme underpins and strengthens our reputation for innovation, the commitment of our people, and the quality of our support services.

Our Quality Management System is certified to ISO 9001.

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JF Rumic is dedicated to mitigating the risks faced daily by those who spend their lives offshore through our commitment to quality and safety.