James Fisher Rumic joined forces with sister company JFD to provide specialist personnel and equipment for an emergency rescue operation to find and free the crew of a stranded submarine.


The James Fisher crew were mobilised to the Kamchatka penninsula in the far east of Russia to locate the AS28 Priz submarine after it became entangled in fishing nets and rendered unable to surface on 5 August 2005.

JFD’s Scorpio 45 Remotely Operated Vehicle and her support equipment, all designed for air-transportation, were rapidly mobilised to Prestwick International Airport. A RAF C17 aircraft then flew the equipment and team to the Kamchatka peninsula. A multinational effort overcame the challenges of unloading at a remote airfield, before road transportation was undertaken to the mobilisation port.

Once at sea, the Scorpio team prepared the ROV, whilst the James Fisher and Russian crews worked tirelessly to ensure a stable platform from which to safely carry out the operation.

Scorpio, piloted by JFD’s Stuart Gold, began her mission of cutting free the nets entangling the Priz, one by one.
Finally, on Sunday August 7th, at 16:26 local time, AS28 successfully surfaced and, moments later, all seven crew exited the vehicle without assistance. Fewer than 12 hours of oxygen remained.

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Below: The rescue team after receiving medals for the rescue at 10 Downing Street.